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Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20201205.0.0

  • Virtualbox 6.1 compatibility on all platforms. Old Virtualbox 5.2 and 6.0 still work, but using latest 6.1 is now recommended.
  • Serial port output during boot has been disabled to improve VirtualBox 6.1 compatibility.

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20201127.0.0

  • PHP version 8.0 is now available. Note that this is only for testing and *we do not recommend PHP 8 for production use yet**. Currently the best advice is to use PHP 7.4 on all sites where the plugin and theme code support it, and ensure that when running with PHP 7.4 there should not be notifications or warnings emitted in /data/log/php-error.log, as many of those warnings will be fatal errors in PHP 8.
  • Command wp-php-compatibility-check renamed to wp-check-php-compatibility and usage changed for better developer experience. Now supports running with --php 8.0 but still defaults to PHP 7.4.
  • New command wp-watch-php to make it easier to see specifically PHP errors as they happend.
  • New command wp-test-whitelist to help listing, adding and deleting wp-test visible errors that are safe to ignore (e.g. plugin JavaScript warnings that don’t really affect the site)
  • Ensure all Seravo commands support the --help argument for quick access to instructions on how to use the command in question
  • The man pages for all Seravo commands have been revised and extended.
  • Fix wp-pull-production-core to not fail on locales that were not found
  • Improved wp-fix-project to have better developer experience and make it easier to apply changes in the project template on an existing project
  • Include PHPUnit 7.5 (which is WordPress compatible) by default in the local development environment so developers don’t need to install it themselves manually. Also introduce a new command convert that is compatible with GraphicsMagic (and not just ImageMagick). New command catimg can be used to view images directly on the command-line.
  • Upgrade MariaDB to version 10.5
  • Upgrade jpegoptim to 1.4.6 and optipng to 0.7.7
  • Many minor version upgrades across the box, e.g the headless Chrome updated to version 87
  • This is the last release to still include Composer 1.x series by default, and also the last release to be built with VirtualBox 5.2.

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20200707.0.0

  • Many minor version upgrades across the box, e.g the headless Chrome updated to version 83
  • Tools such as Adminer, Mailcatcher and Webgrind now all run under /.seravo/, e.g. https://wordpress.local/.seravo/mailcatcher/. This unifies the address at which the services are available in Vagrant, Docker, staging shadows and in production.
  • In the wp-test system the Seravo Codeception library had getWPSiteURL() renamed into getWPURL() to clarify that it is not the WordPress siteurl value but actually the home value, which always tell what is tha front page of the WordPress site.
  • PHP 5.6 is no longer available. If you need PHP 5.6, use the previous Vagrant box v20200130.0.0 or the Docker image tagged with -last-with-php5.
  • To align local development environment with production and shadow environment capabilities, the GCC compiler has been removed. In rare cases some NodeJS modules cannot be built anymore, but it should not be an issue since npm should always install pre-build modules as long as the package.json contents is up-to-date with recent NodeJS versions and module versions. If Gulp or node-sass fails to install, please check that your package.json is recent enough (compare to Seravo/WordPress template) or run wp-fix-project.

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20200130.0.0

  • PHP 7.4 is now available in the development environment (was previously only in production)
  • WP-CLI upgraded to version 2.4, and many other minor version upgrades across the box
  • Codeception upgraded to version 3.1.2 and the headless Chrome to version 79
  • New command wp-db-size to show how much disk space the database uses per table, and updated wp-db-info to show what type of rows are most common in selected tables
  • Command wp-test extended to automatically show PHP error log contents on failure
  • Bugfix: calling phpcbf now launches the correct binary
  • Multiple improvements in vagrant up for speed and reliability
  • Node.js updated to version 12.13, along with NPM to 6.12 and Yarn to 1.21
  • The environment also ships preinstalled Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, SASS and a few other very common tools
  • This was the last box to ship PHP 5.6 and Bower (JavaScript dependency manager)

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20191008.0.0

  • WP-CLI upgraded to version 2.3, and many other minor version upgrades across the box
  • XDebug is disabled by default to improve PHP speed. Run wp-xdebug-on to enable it
  • SASS and webpack-cli are now pre-installed since they are so common
  • Deprecated wp-makepot in favor of new wp i18n makepot
  • Automatically run ‘wp cache flush’ after database imports so new contents always takes effect
  • Fixed bug in Adminer and Webgrind PHP 7.3 compatibility
  • Multiple bugfixes to make the box startup more reliable
  • This was the last version to ship the Ruby based wp-test-legacy tool

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20190513.0.0

  • Includes latest versions of PHP and modules, wp-cli and in general all software
  • Latest version of wp-test using headless Chrome and Codeception while old and deprecated Rspec based testing system version is still available under the name wp-test-legacy.
  • Many new commands:
    • Improved wp-pull-production-db that is also capable of doing an automatic rename of the main site in a WordPress Network installation. Subdomain renames still need to be taken care manually by the developer, e.g. using a small custom rename script. Network users will also enjoy the handy wp-network-status which will describe the state of a WordPress Network install and help to quickly identify mismatches in config files and database.
    • New commands wp-pull-production-plugins and wp-pull-production-themes for automating bootstrapping a local development environment for sites that don’t have a custom composer.json already set up.
    • New command wp-fix-project to help update and compare base project files to those of the upstream Seravo/WordPress project template.
    • New command wp-remote-db exposes the MariaDB database to be accessible outside the virtual machine for developers who want to use database management tools on their own machine.
  • A long list of small bug fixes and minor updates, including getting rid of the annoying extra htdocs/htdocs symlink.

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20190122.0.0

  • Introduce PHP 7.3
  • WP-CLI upgraded to version 2.1, and many other minor version upgrades across the box
  • WordPress 5.0 full compatibility
  • Latest version of wp-test-ng using headless Chrome and Codeception
  • Legacy testing system available both via wp-test-legacy and wp-test. The latter one is planned to start to point to wp-test-ng on March 31st, 2019.
  • New command wp-fix-languages to automatically install and update language packs in WordPress
  • Add deprecation warning to wp-makepot if favor of wp i18n
  • Bugfixes related to Avahi/Bonjour and Xdebug debugger
  • PHP-Pear has been removed temporarily due to security concerns over potentially backdoored Phars

Vagrant box seravo/wordpress 20181112.0.0

  • More robust SSH connection handling. Running vagrant up should fail significantly less on SSH connection issues.
  • Skip excess SSH key acceptance dialogs
  • Node.js upgraded to version 8.12.0 LTS with accompanying upgrades to Yarn, NPM and other Node.js tools
  • More robust startup of DBUS and Avahi
  • New commands
    • wp-xdebug-on
    • wp-xdebug-off
    • wp-debug-info
    • wp-php-compatibility-check
    • wp-theme-security-check
    • wp-db-info
  • Updated man pages for all commands
  • Major updates to wp-test-ng command and Codeception framework
  • Includes also all the improvements available in Seravo’s production and testing environments in last 4 months

Test Seravo/WordPress-beta

If you want to test the next Vagrant box version before it is released, modify your Vagrantfile provider to use box seravo/wordpress-beta instead of the official seravo/wordpress box.

Activate Seravo/WordPress-beta in Vagrantfile