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wp-backup-list-changes-ng - manual page for wp-backup-list-changes-ng git version fba2a66


usage: wp-backup-list-changes-ng [-h] [–version]

[–increments-dir INCREMENTS_DIR]

Lists all files known by rdiff-backup sorted by timestamp. Use this to find out what files really changed in the system, as the file attribute mtime is not a reliable source of information. “.” before filename indicates the file was modified. “+” before filename indicates the file was added. “-“ before filename indicates the file was removed. Use ‘rdiff-backup –exclude /data/backups –compare-at-time now /data /data/backs/data/’ to find out how the current data differs from latest backup.

optional arguments:

  • -h, –help
    show this help message and exit

  • –version
    show program’s version number and exit

  • –increments-dir INCREMENTS_DIR
    rdiff-backup directory containing increments