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wp-load-test - manual page for wp-load-test git version 8235fae


usage: wp-load-test [--cache] [-h] [--version] [URL]

wp-load-test is a simple command line tool to measure many consecutive PHP requests the site can handle in a minute while still serving each request in under 5 seconds. This test only uses a single PHP worker and it bypasses the edge cache. The actual site will be capable of handling much more traffic. If the response time of a single PHP request is much above 0.500 seconds, please try to optimize the PHP code and run wp-speed-test. If the response time is much below 0.100 seconds, then this test is likely to trigger the flood protection and server will yield 429 responses.

Defaults to using output of wp-url if URL argument is not given.

optional arguments:


Measures cached results. This does not measure actual PHP speed.

-h, --help

display this help and exit


display version and exit